• Mondays 6:30pm with Donell

    Iyengar Yoga Basics

    A beginner level class open to all students that focuses on alignment and technique in standing and seated poses. Restorative poses and bite-sized philosophy lessons included.  No flexibility or experience is required.  Suitable for pre/postnatal students.

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  • Wednesday 6:30pm &
    Fridays 10am

    Iyengar Yoga Essentials

    An intermediate level class focused on building core strength in supine, seated and standing poses.  Inverted poses are introduced in this class, and asanas are explored at a more in-depth level.  Some classes may include restorative poses and beginning level pranayama.

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  • Tuesday 10am & 11:45am

    Gentle Yoga/Backcare

    Whether you are healing from an injury, need a slower paced class, or have never done yoga before but always wanted to try it - this class is for you. We will use chairs, blocks, straps and other props as needed to safely enjoy the benefits of yoga!

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  • Thursday, 5:30-6:30pm

    Slow Flow with Diane

    This Vinyasa style yoga class compliments the pose study of Iyengar Yoga.  Each class will guide you through a sequence of poses at a moderately paced flow, including core and spine strengthening and balancing poses.  Diane, a long time yoga practitioner and Certified Core Power teacher, has an infectious love for yoga. Her energy and kindness shine through.

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